Ly6Clow and Not Ly6Chigh Macrophages Accumulate First in the Heart in a Model of Murine...

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α2β1 Integrin, GPVI Receptor, and Common FcRγ Chain on Mouse Platelets Mediate Distinct Responses to Collagen in...

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Regucalcin Expression in Bovine Tissues and Its Regulation by Sex Steroid Hormones in Accessory Sex Glands

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Correction: The Curvilinear Relationship Between State Neuroticism and Momentary Task Performance

The PLOS ONE Staff

Correction: Mesenchymal Stem Cells Augment the Anti-Bacterial Activity of Neutrophil Granulocytes

The PLOS ONE Staff

Phenotypical Analysis of the Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG Fimbrial spaFED Operon: Surface Expression and...

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Quantifying Traces of Tool Use: A Novel Morphometric Analysis of Damage Patterns on Percussive Tools

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Epithelial Transport of Immunogenic and Toxic Gliadin Peptides In Vitro

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Association of Residual Plasma Viremia and Intima-Media Thickness in Antiretroviral-Treated Patients with Controlled...

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