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Generation of a Nanobody Targeting the Paraflagellar Rod Protein of Trypanosomes

Emmanuel Obishakin, Benoit Stijlemans, [...], Stefan Magez

Machine Learning for Biomedical Literature Triage

Hayda Almeida, Marie-Jean Meurs, [...], Adrian Tsang

When Small Words Foretell Academic Success: The Case of College Admissions Essays

James W. Pennebaker, Cindy K. Chung, [...], David I. Beaver

Identifying Glioblastoma Gene Networks Based on Hypergeometric Test Analysis

Vasileios Stathias, Chiara Pastori, [...], Nagi G. Ayad

Allodaposuchus palustris sp. nov. from the Upper Cretaceous of Fumanya (South-Eastern Pyrenees, Iberian...

Alejandro Blanco, Eduardo Puértolas-Pascual, [...], Albert G. Sellés

New Insight into Secreted Ribonuclease Structure: Binase Is a Natural Dimer

Elena Dudkina, Airat Kayumov, [...], Olga Ilinskaya

Olive Oil and Vitamin D Synergistically Prevent Bone Loss in Mice

Camille Tagliaferri, Marie-Jeanne Davicco, [...], Véronique Coxam

Flatfoot Diagnosis by a Unique Bimodal Distribution of Footprint Index in Children

Chia-Hsieh Chang, Yu-Chen Chen, [...], Liang-Wey Chang

A Full Bayesian Approach for Boolean Genetic Network Inference

Shengtong Han, Raymond K. W. Wong, [...], Xiaodan Fan

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